Oakcraft Kitchen cabinets has over one hundred years of experience and know how in the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and vanity units. Oakcraft arrived in Saudi Arabia over ten years ago, bringing with it a wealth of knowledge in the manufacturing of cabinets. The very quick success Oakcraft has experienced is mainly due to its commitments to excellence, quality and customer service.
Oakcraft offers a high standard product that lasts for many years and is suitable for private as well as commercial projects. The cabinets are made of solid American Oak or Maple, which is most suitable for the harsh environment of Saudi Arabia. Oakcraft policy offers the highest possible standards guarantee that all materials chosen to be used in the manufacturing of the cabinets are selected for their quality, durability and last but not least their beauty. At Oakcraft, all the accessories and appliances offered to the customer are proven international marks of quality and stand the test of time. It is seldom a product is closely scrutinized as the products at Oakcraft.

Oakcraft offers traditional and modern styles to satisfy all customer requirements. The high quality yet elegant products are the result of handed down knowledge from generations of crafts men, the precise handcrafted cabinets are truly unmatched and make every kitchen the centerpiece of the house. Oakcraft kitchens are more than just a room where you cook meals, unique and individual, it warm and beautify by complementing the interior design and color scheme of every home.

Oakcraft continuous efforts to introduce new designs and colors are another advantage the company has over the competitors. The company’s team of designers and engineers together with interior decorators are continually researching new methods and introducing fresh designs to stimulate the imagination of every customer. No other kitchen company come closed to matching Oakcraft for design and quality. The management has realized the importan- ce of change without sacrificing the Oakcraft ideals of quality and excellence.

At Oakcraft, wood has never seen so many colors, an extensive range of colors are offered to the customer and if required the cabinets can be painted to match any desired color scheme.

As commitment to its customers, Oakcraft has opened a large “State of the Art” manufacturing facility in


Oakcraft provides 3 years extended warranty on all its products