Base Cabinet: A cabinet installed on or near floor. Usual depth, 24" inches, usual height to top of counter top 36" inches.
Bottom: Lowest horizontal storage surface of a cabinet.
Bracing: Additional member used for reinforcing and/or joining various cabinet parts.
Door: A movable frame or barrier, usually turning on hinges or sliding, by which the cabinet entrance is opened or closed.
Drawer: A five-sided, box-shaped container fitting into a cabinet so that it can be drawn out horizontally.
Drawer Base Cabinet: A base cabinet with all storage space.
Modular Cabinet: A cabinet designed to be joined with other cabinets.
Oven Cabinet: A cabinet installed on or near floor, designed to accommodate built-in oven(s). Usual depth, 24"inches, usual height, 84"inches.
Mullion: A vertical member between stiles.
Rail: A horizontal member.
Refrigerator Cabinet: A cabinet installed on or near floor, designed to accommodate a refrigerator. Usual depth 24" inches. Usual height 84" inches.
Shelf: A horizontal storage surface in a cabinet.
Side: A vertical surface on the end of a cabinet.
Sink Base Cabinet: A base cabinet designed to accommodate a sink.
Sink Front: A cabinet front with toe rail, for use in front of sink area.
Stile: Vertical outside member of door or front frame.
Toe Space: A recess under frame of front edge of a base cabinet.
Top: Horizontal panel used to enclose the top
Utility Cabinet: Various cabinets installed on or near floor, designed to accommodate appliances and/or accessories. Usual depth: 12" inches; Usual height: 84" inches.
Vanity Base: A base type cabinet used in bathroom.
Vanity Sink Base: A vanity cabinet for sink bowl unit usually use in bathroom.
Vanity Sink Front: A vanity front use to a bathroom sink bowl.
Vanity Drawer Base: A vanity base with all drawer storage.
Wall Cabinet: A cabinet designed to be suspended from wall or above base cabinet. Usual depth: 12" inches and usual height: 12" to 42" inches.
Blistering: The formation of bubbles or pimples on the surface of the finished substrate.
Blushing: The formation of  white or grayish cast in the film during the drying period.
Burning in: A process of repairing scratches and damaged spots in a finish.
Checks: A pattern of small cracks in the finish.
Cold checking: Small cracks that appear in the dried film after it is repeatedly subjected to sudden and appreciable reductions in temperature.
Discoloration: Alteration of original color.
Fatty edges: The thick edge sometimes found on heavily coated work that results in rounded thicker film along the edges of the work.
Orange Peel: A pebbled surface similar to that of an orange skin.
Printing: The impression left in the finished surface after pressure has been removed.
Residue: Dirt or dust in the finished surface.
Runs: Defects caused by an excessive amount of material being applied, so that a portion of the material flows down in an irregular or curtained effect.
Scratches: Abrasions in the finished surface produced after finish is cured.
Touch-up: A process of repairing scratches or damaged spots in a finish.
Whitening: A condition brought about in the dried finish by absorption of moisture.
1 inch (in) = 25.4 millimeters (mm)
1 meter (m) = 39.370 in
1 gram (g) = 0.0022046 pound (lb)
1 lb = 453.5924 g
1 newton (N) = 101.9716 g
1 n = 0.2248 lb

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