All products featured in our catalogs, under normal use are warranted to be free from defective materials and workmanship. If any parts prove defective, OAKCRAFT will at our option, replace or repair the said part free of charge. No labor cost or other consequential charges will be allowed. This warranty applies strictly to those products cataloged and manufactured by Oakcraft and does not extend to any products used in conjunction, such as countertops, plumbing, or appliances.

An authorized Oakcraft representative must approve any warranty repair or replacement. Oakcraft may, at its option, require effective parts to be returned to the factory for validation of defect. Oakcraft manufactures all its own Doors, Drawer fronts, and face frames using Appalachian red oak or maple. The grain and color variation in red oak and maple is what gives it is natural beauty; differences in color or grain between doors and/or fronts or frames ARE NOT considered defects.

Our experience has shown that some cabinet doors may tend to warp a small amount either during or soon after installation. This is usually caused by absorbing moisture as a result of being shipped into another region such as Jeddah or Dammam or because of the moisture inherent in new construction from green concrete, texture, plaster, and painting. The house usually dries out in the first heating season, allowing our doors to stabilize. In remodeling, this effect can be minimized by allowing the door to stand open for a few days while they adjust to their new environment. Please allow all Oakcraft cabinetry at least one full cooling and heating cycle to adjust before contacting your authorized dealer. After this, all doors exceeding ¼” warping will be eligible for warranty replacement.

This warranty in lieu of all other warranties either expressed or implied.
The warranty shall be applied for a period of three years from the date of signing and stamping of this warranty card.